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My name is Trixie. I like playing with dolls, artificial femininity, pretending to be a bratty, broken fuckdoll myself, wearing masks, fucking clowns and robots, and engaging in any role play blurring the lines between humans, machines, toys, pets, and tools. My wiring has been faulty since I fell in love with Herbie, Chewbacca and C-3P0 at the drive-in theatre as a kid, had weird sex dreams about a clown man, and worshiped my cheap, plastic, blonde dolly scornfully named "Chippy" by my mom.

Who knows *what* games I'll play with my Trixie Doll self next? Making doll fetish porn costs time & money, so the more member support I have for my homemade porn site, the more resources I will have for playtime.

Check back for my new blog exploring my special interests & experiences in the land of doll-related fetishes with photo samples & more!

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